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by LC McDonald

October 09, 2015

Walt Disney World 2015

It is incredibly difficult to condense a 10-day vacation into a blog post that won't overwhelm your computer. I suppose that I could have broken it up and shared it over a few days, but, let's face it, that would get a little bit boring. So, here are 13 photos that I feel best describe our time in Walt Disney World.

We spent the majority of our time in the Magic Kindgom. It ended up having the most variety of rides for Little Boy, and the most rides that he was actually able to go on and was interested in -- he was not the biggest fan of The Tower of Terror. We were lucky enough to be able to get tickets to Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party, which ended up being a lot of fun for me because we got to meet a lot of Disney characters that are not out very often -- and I had an excuse to dress-up as a Disney character myself...Little Boy was dressed up as Pluto, but he got way too hot and we had to take the costume off before we could get a photo.

Little Boy enjoyed the parades, and meeting the different characters -- especially Goofy, Dug and Winnie the Pooh. Among his favourite rides were The People Mover, the tea cups, Winnie the Pooh's ride, and Peter Pan's Flight. He also really enjoyed the Star Wars ride, and was excited to build his own light saber.

It was a very different experience for my husband and I. We had been to Walt Disney World together two times before, and so we were used to a fast pace adventure where we tried to get on as many rides as we could before the park closed for the day. It was not the same kind of experience with a child. We still tried to get on as many rides as we could, but we were also a lot more careful about taking a break to have something to eat, having a drink of water, and heading back to the hotel room for a nap.

I can't say that everything went perfectly -- one night we survived on snacks until we got back to our hotel and had a supper picnic in our room at 10:30pm -- or that we were happy in the "Happiest Place on Earth" the entire time, but you always forget about the bad things once you have been home for a while -- like all of the tantrums while waiting in a 30min line...because that's the longest wait we were willing to do -- and then you start planning your next holiday.

October 06, 2015

The Barnyard Review: Cloud

Back when I was in school and working for the university's student newspaper, we were in need of some new comic strips -- and quickly. The news editor and I came up with a comic called "The Barnyard Review". It was only three frames long, and consisted of a conversation between two sheep. I believe we only ever made two comic strips, but I remember how much fun it was to take time away from our work and get together to make these two comics.

September 25, 2015


I recently went to a local comicon, and when I saw Mario in his fox suit from Mario World 3D -- one of his favourite games -- I knew that it was the perfect gift for him from the expo. He was very excited to see it.

September 19, 2015


We met up with a friend of mine and her daughter at the zoo this morning. It is such a beautiful day out there, and I'm so glad that my friend chose for us to get together at the zoo. After we had looked at some of the animals, and ate some lunch, my friend and her daughter had to get going, so Little Boy and I headed over to the park. He played, and I snapped some photos. I hope you're enjoying your Saturday!

September 17, 2015

Thoughts: Saying Goodbye To Facebook

I know that I am not the only person out there that is currently considering saying goodbye to Facebook. If it weren't for the fact that my Facebook account is linked to my business page, I would seriously consider leaving. My feed has been inundated with ignorant fodder -- I feel especially smart typing that -- that has filled my mind and heart with rage. It feels like it has become an unhealthy place, except that there are articles and photos that are shared that I do enjoy, and click on.

What makes me the most angry is the articles -- and I use that term loosely -- that are shared from websites that omit important information, or are written by ignorant and hurtful people -- this goes in all different directions, I'm not just implying right-winged, white Christians. If you are reading something that does not include a quotation from someone that was directly involved -- not someones cousin's aunt's sister that knows a guy that was there -- then you are probably not reading something worth while. If you are reading something written by a doctor that had his/her license to practice taken away from him/her, then it is quite likely that you are not reading the best, or most current, information. Think of it this way, if you were writing a paper for school and cited a source from, you probably would be talked to by your teacher or professor. If the information you are reading is not credible enough to put in your paper, then you probably shouldn't be using it in real life either.

A friend of mine made an interesting point the other day: Social media has become a place where we see inside the minds of the people that we love or are friends with -- or not actually friends with. 50 years ago we never would have known if our friends and neighbours were Conservative or Liberal, or if they read the back of shampoo bottles while sitting on the toilet. It has definitely made us a more open society in terms of sharing our inner thoughts, but it doesn't quite feel like it has made us a more open society when it comes to having an open discussion of said thoughts *cue the acceptance of criticism*

What are your thoughts?

September 15, 2015


Discovery: A giant pineapple pillow that reminds him of a certain sponge that lives under the sea. Upon spying it, he asked if he could buy it. He wanted to use his own money, but I had to spot him five bucks -- I didn't mind at all.

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