October 14, 2014

Decorate to Dream: Little Boy's Room Makeover

Little Boy reached a point where he needed a bigger bed, and aesthetically I didn't like the look of his room anymore -- see what it used to look like here and here. Nothing seemed to flow like it once did because everything was designed around his crib. Late this summer I finally got around to repainting his room -- it's a light shade of green which may or may not be his favourite colour on specific days -- and I have slowly been adding other elements into the room, including a bookshelf for his massive collection of books, and other little knick-knacks and pieces of art.

None of this is really an issue with the child. He could care less what I do with his room at this point, but I wanted to make it a welcoming place for him to grow up, and it can evolve along with him. Nothing is overly childish about the main elements in the room, so they'll be able to stay in there for years to come as his taste in art and reading changes.

October 10, 2014

Thanksgiving 2014: What I Am Thankful For

As Thanksgiving here in Canada quickly approaches, and we all look forward to a long weekend, I have been thinking about what I am thankful for. Besides the typical things that I am thankful for, like a job, a roof over my head, and my family, I wanted to dig deeper into the box and figure out something else that I am thankful for.

 Everything in my life revolves around my family, and I realised what I am thankful for this year is actually spending time with my family. Time is flying by as my son is already approaching four years of age, and I really want to spend as much time with him and my husband that I can. There are so many precious moments that I have shared with them, and I really want to continue fostering that. The fact that I am able to do that is something that I am really thankful for.

October 08, 2014

3 Lessons I Learned in my 30th Year

It's kind of hard to believe that it's been a year since I turned 30, and, to be honest, 30 is not as bad as people make it out to be. I have learned so many different things about myself and the world around me that I never opened my eyes to during my 20's. Is this what getting older is all about? For some more than others, I guess, but here are a few things that I learned this year:

1. Don't judge someone based on memories that you have from years ago. People can surprise you and end up being the nicest people you never thought they were.

I keep running into this couple that I knew back in my school days. Both of them were in the more popular crowed, and the experiences that I had with both of them were not the best. Those kinds of encounters in your early always sour future experiences with people, and sometimes it is hard to let go of those grudges. But these run-ins that I keep having with this couple make me think that that was the way they were in school, and maybe they have changed a lot from those people that I once knew. I know I'm only seeing them for short periods of time in public settings, but they really seem like people I'd like to get to know better.

2. Being 30 is all about being confident with your beauty. 

Maybe it has something to do with the fact that I was quite thin in my younger years an then gained a lot of extra weight while I was pregnant. I think that I have a different perspective of my body because I have seen that I truly was not overweight when I thought I was, but I also know that I all of a sudden have these feelings that I don't really care what people think and I feel more confident in myself; not just in my looks, but in how I talk to people and share my thoughts and feelings.

3. When someone give you some form of criticism or evaluation, it's not to be rude or mean towards you.

I realised this year that when my boss talks to me about something I did at work that I should do differently, it's not a dig at me. It's not something that she says to be mean; she says it to help me learn from the situation and to figure out how I could have done something differently and be better the next time the situation comes around, or how to prevent it all together.

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