The World
Of ElleSee
by LC McDonald

July 26, 2015


Once again, I am late in the game to sharing the portraits for the 52 Weeks Project with you. These photos were taken from our day at Waskesiu Lake. I loved how much he enjoyed throwing sand and rocks into the lake, and even taking a little dip in it himself. You should have seen how sandy his clothes were when he was done.

July 22, 2015

Waskesieu Adventures 2015

When I was a child, I would go to summer camp for a week each summer. I remember the drive up North to the lake, the smell of the trees as I exited the car, and, of course, the excitement of the week ahead. This week I was transported back to those moments when my mom and I took Little Boy up to Waskesiu Lake in Prince Albert National Park. I fell in love with the forest all over again as soon as I stepped out of the vehicle and onto our campsite.

It was a wonderful time, and it reminded me a lot of our visit to Banff last summer, but without the mountains -- which is alright in my books. We explored the town of Waskesiu -- and found a wonderful bakery that sold the most delicious Heavenly Hash cookies. We visited the lake, and Little Boy even took a dip in the water -- then rolled around in the sand afterwards -- and took a walk along the pier. We even discovered a wonderful children's museum that had some really fun animal costumes, and a beautiful mural. As we were leaving the park, we spotted a deer running towards us, and we snapped a bunch of photos. It was a fantastic time, and something that we hope to do again every year.

July 18, 2015


When we got home from our errands this morning, he decided to put his night-time diapers away in his drawer while I put away the groceries and made lunch. As I'm sure you know, as soon as it's quiet in an area where children are, it's safe to assume there may be trouble on the way. I went into his room to find him putting on his monkey suit. You may or may not remember this costume from Halloween two years ago, but I think it's safe to say that he's grown quite a bit since then.

July 14, 2015

Artist Inspired: Kurt Pio

When I first saw this image on Pinterest, I knew that I had to pin it and then click on the link to learn more. At first glance I thought it was a beautiful image of a diamond that had been enlarged, but upon reading more information at The Jealous Curator, I realised that it was so much more than that. I realised that they were stunning works of art from the painter Kurt Pio. His work is so incredibly vivid, but also abstract.

I was drawn to his Full Moon Series, as well as his Diamonds, but he's got a lot of amazing works to look at that are equally engaging and so different from each other. I wish there was a way for me to get my hands on an art print.

July 13, 2015

Jazz Festival 2015

The first night we went to Adonis Puentes & The Voice of Cuba Orchestra, night two we saw Sean Viloria and the Outcast Empyre, the following night we listened to Oral Fuentes Reggae Band, and Sunday we went to Heavyweights Brass Band. I had planned for us to go every day for the rest of the week, but the smoke from the fires up North was too thick. We didn't end up going again until the following Sunday when we got to listen to The Pistolwhips

We thoroughly enjoyed each group that we had the privilege of listening to, and Little Boy loved dancing or exploring with other children or people there. He even asked me to dance with him a couple of times. The Jazz Festival is always a favourite part of our summer, and something that we look forward to each year.

We also had fun taking selfies at each concert that we went to. It was a fun way to document what we had done.

July 11, 2015


My husband and I had a date last night for our anniversary, so when we picked up Little Boy from my parents house this morning I had to laugh because he was wearing his pyjamas as his outfit for the day, which my parents unknowingly thought was his swimsuit -- as that is what he told them. He looks so cute, and his skinny little legs and knobbly knees make me giggle. Part of me wishes he'll stay this way forever, but that's a wish at every age and, as we know, something that will never happen. I'll enjoy it while it's here.

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